Wabtec Digital Mine released the Generation 3 Collision Avoidance System (CAS). The system uses an intelligence engine that provides the flexibility to deal with the most complex vehicle interaction scenarios, the company said.

Core functionality, such as real-time self-test, personnel detection and secondary sensing capabilities, are maintained in the Generation 3 CAS. The system incorporates a brand new, cleaner, simpler user interface with context-based voice alerts. It replaces analog technology with sophisticated discreet, directional, and audible warnings. The interface enables operators to work without distraction and respond instantaneously to audible alerts, Wabtec Digital Mine said.

The system was co-developed by Glencore. It went through three years of live proof-of-concept and production testing. It is OEM agnostic. The hardware and software are compatible with the Generation 2 CAS system for a seamless transition, the company said