Sandvik introduced the fully automated DL422iE top-hammer longhole drill with an electric driveline system. It is the company’s second battery-driven underground drill.

The DL422iE is designed for mass mining in 4-m by 4-m or larger production drifts. It is capable of continuous unmanned operation, automation and teleremote drilling, and comprehensive data collection.

The rig can drill vertical and inclined fans with single or parallel 89-mm to 127-mm longholes up to 54 m in depth using ST58 and ST68 tube rods. It is equipped with the powerful 33-kW HF1560ST longhole rock drill, based on a proven concept, the company reported.

With an impact frequency of 40-45 Hz and optimized percussion dynamics, the unit delivers optimal bit-to-rock contact for improved energy transfer, Sandvik reported. This translates to decreased stress on the rock tools, lower temperatures, and extended service life for the shank adaptor and tube.

Separately, Sandvik released a new dual-controls package for the DD422i and DD422iE face drills. The controls are designed to improve fleet optimization, versatility and performance, and to address a range of needs.

The package combines better drilling intelligence with readiness for sustained rough, multi-task usage, Sandvik reported. The controls better enable the drills to be used for multiple and different applications. Benefits include reduced noise levels, improved visibility, commonality of parts, improved performance, and reduced costs of drilling consumables.

The package was co-developed with mining contractor Byrnecut.

Sandvik also introduced the PowerCarbide SH69 for down-the-hole drilling applications. Offering a unique combination of strength, hardness, toughness and wear resistance, it can increase the service life of drill bits by up to 45%.

The SH69 is suited for hard and abrasive ground. Benefits include increased productivity, profitability and safety.

More recently, Sandvik introduced the Top Hammer XL for large-hole-size drilling. It offers a faster, more fuel-efficient, more cost-effective way to drill holes from 140 to 178 mm in diameter, the company said.

The Top Hammer XL is designed for use on the DP1600i drill rig, and with the new RD1840C rock drill and LT90 rock tools.

The rig is the newest member in the Pantera Dpi series. Sandvik reported it offers high penetration rates, advanced automation options and drilling performance optimization.