Stieber CluthStieber Clutch has expanded its range of releasable conveyor-system backstops. The product line features a compact design with increased torque capacity; the latest additions are self-contained designs suitable for both high speed and low speed rotating shafts.

When first launched in 2013, Stieber said its backstop design offered 3.5 times more torque capacity than conventional designs of a similar size; with up to 15 times more energy dissipation. By enabling operators to specify backstops with a smaller design envelope, it also enabled them to specify smaller gearboxes—leading to reduced specification costs and improved overall efficiency. The newest backstop designs are externally mounted, self-contained on a shaft extension with a torque arm—compared to the original design, which was flange mounted onto the high speed shaft of the gear drive. Torque capacity for the externally mounted backstops is currently rated at a maximum of 350,000 Nm, although this will be extended up to 700,000 Nm in the future.