All-terrain vehicle builder Argo has introduced two new models for 2011:  the 8×8 750 HDi, described as a low-cost solution to replace expensive hydrostatic vehicles when people and equipment transport is required; and the Centaur 8×8 Turbo Diesel, which provides more power and load capacity for heavy-duty applications when cargo box, drill, and crane solutions are needed.

According to the vendor, the 8×8 750 HDi offers 40% more steering efficiency, 20% less maintenance, and is more ergonomically friendly than any previous model. The 8×8 750 HDi combines a triple-differential steering transmission with a 31-hp fuel-injected engine, along with large triple-sealed outer bearings and heavy-duty axles. Argo has upgraded all 2011 models with a 40% quieter muffler and improved engine compartment cooling. For more comfort, all liquid-cooled All 2011 Argo vehicles are available in tundra, yellow, blue, black and red. In addition, Argo is introducing an environmentally friendly Gardobond metal coating process providing significantly improved performance and durability without containing any hazardous heavy metals. 8×8 models can be equipped with optional suspension seats and a convenient entry step. High performance track options can enhance mobility and maneuverability in extreme terrain.