Preliminary trade data show U.S. coal exports totaled nearly 118 million short tons in 2013, according to the National Mining Association (NMA). While down 6% from the record 126 million tons in 2012, the coal industry has nevertheless seen coal exports more than double since 2006 with last year being the third consecutive year of exports above 100 million tons.

“Despite some market challenges in 2013, U.S. coal exports have clearly remained fairly strong,” said Hal Quinn, NMA’s president and CEO.

Steam coal exports (excluding anthracite and lignite) totaled 51.2 million tons and metallurgical coal exports were 65.7 million tons. Anthracite exports were 700,000 tons, while lignite exports totaled 100,000 tons. Coal exports accounted for nearly 12% of U.S. production in 2013.