Satellite-based IP communications provider VT iDirect (iDirect) announced that ITC Global intends to upgrade its mining-sector satellite network to iDirect’s soon-to-be-released iDX 3.2 software featuring Adaptive TDMA, and will deploy the next-generation Evolution X7 remote.

ITC Global is a provider of global, enterprise-class satellite communications to mining companies around the world, and will be the first service provider to offer iDX 3.2 and X7 capabilities to the mining sector.

According to iDirect, the network upgrade will enable ITC Global to satisfy the 20+ Mbps bandwidth requirement the mining sector now demands. Faster data throughput will improve the network’s ability to handle multiple IP applications on a unified platform, such as Voice over IP, radio over IP, CCTV, remote permission and control, and the automation of critical operational tasks.

iDirect says its Evolution X7 remote features a multi-core processor that can provide significantly improved inbound and outbound data rates over the iDX 3.2 operating system. iDX 3.2 also features Adaptive TDMA, which will augment ITC Global’s high-availability network designs, and help ensurehigh availability in a wide range of weather conditions and across a wide range of locations.

In addition, Adaptive TDMA combined with iDirect’s DVB-S2/ACM outbound technology is claimed to significantly improve efficiency across a wide range of terminals, including compact rapid-deployment and mobile antenna systems for Comms-on-the-Move (COTM) and Comms-on-the-Pause (COTP) applications.