Magna Tyres Group announced a strategic partnership with Tires Direct in the U.S. The latter will distribute the former’s tires from Magna distribution warehouses in Los Angeles, California; Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; Jacksonville, Florida; Coldwater, Ohio; Clayton, North Carolina; and Chicago, Illinois.

Separately, Magna reported it opened a sales office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S. The expansion was necessary due
to the growth and huge demand for the Magna brand in the U.S. and in line with the plan to become the premium second-tier tire brand on the continent, the company reported.

Separately, Magna Tyres announced two OBO establishments have changed names. OBO Tyre Hardenberg became Magna Tyres Factory, and OBO Reifen Leipzig became Magna Tyres Germany. The company reported the name changes will improve brand awareness and lead to clearer positioning of the company.