Temas Resources Corp. signs an agreement with MetaLeach Ltd. to commercialize its solutions. (Photo: Temas Resources Corp.)

Temas Resources Corp. signed an exclusive North American and European Licensing Agreement with MetaLeach Ltd. for its leaching processes. The development will enable Temas to commercialize the solutions.

The development is also part of an effort by the company to offer the lowest cost processing of base metals, Temas said.

“This opportunity brings tremendous potential for attracting strategic partners who want a lower cost, environmentally friendly mineral processing solution for their producing mines,” Temas Resources CEO Michael Dehn said. “We will be open to engaging partnerships on an equity basis and licensing agreements with royalty arrangement. Direct ownership of mineral projects will also be considered.”

The agreement applies to, among other solutions, AmmLeach, HyperLeach, NickeLeach and MoReLeach.