Bulk Shipping Concept Aims to Expand Capacity of Shallow-water Ports 



Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions recently announced it has begun a partnership with National Ports, an Australian developer and operator of large-scale floating port solutions, to make the operation of bulk carriers and materials handling equipment more efficient and environmentally friendly in shallow-water ports around the world. 

The effort is aimed at further developing and rolling out a new technology known as the super-shallow draft bulk carrier — a self-propelled vessel that will open shallow draft ports to far greater tonnages with no dredging and very limited capital expenditure, according to the company.

Marco Lucido, managing director at National Ports, said, “Our new solution will open up access to shallow loading and destination ports worldwide including those affected by large tides. The system will not only be able to significantly increase cargo throughput for existing mining companies with limited draft [ports], it can also help to make new mining companies economically viable.”

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