MX Deposit simplifies sample data collection while managing risk. (Photo: Seequent)

Geoscience software solutions supplier Seequent bought into and partnered with Minalytix, a Canadian mining data software company.

Seequent will work with Minalytix to maximize the value of the MX Deposit platform for Seequent customers. The cloud-hosted solution simplifies how drill hole and sample data is collected, managed and shared, and helps manage risk. Customers can log and access data from anywhere in the world.

The move shows how Seequent fosters growth and innovation for the betterment of customers, leadership at the company said. “Drilling is one of the largest investments for any mining and exploration company, and advances in digital technology can dramatically increase the value of data generated and how quickly insights can be gained,” Nick Fogerty, general manager, mining and minerals, Seequent, said. “MX Deposit is a game changer, in a matter of hours, customers can create the environment they need to collect and control the drill hole and sample data, and immediately start gaining insights across all projects.”