Zyfra’s ZM Karier Mine Fleet Management System was deployed to the Kachkanarsk ore-dressing combine in Russia. (Photo: EVRAZ)

EVRAZ, a vertically integrated steel, mining and vanadium business with operations in Russia, the United States, Canada, the Czech Republic and Kazakhstan, implemented the ZM KARIER Mine Fleet Management System at the Kachkanarsk ore-dressing combine (GOK) in Russia with the help of Zyfra Co.’s mining division, formerly known as the VIST Group.

Leadership at Zyfra said the system has helped increase truck productivity by more than 8%. Management at Kachkanarsk GOK said in 2020, “We plan to integrate railway transport into the project. The smart equipment will be installed on the traction units.”

Zyfra reported its ZM KARIER system has been successfully installed at more than 70 open-pit mines globally.