RPMGlobal and Modular Mining extended their partnership agreement to deliver an Application Program Interface (API).

The new API will allow information to flow between systems in a computer language that is universally understandable. It is part of an integrated solution designed to close the gap between mine production planning and operations to boost productivity.

RPMGlobal said the API was a key part of the company’s enterprise-focused strategy. “The API formalizes a substantial amount of integration work that has been completed since the original partnership was signed,” Paul Beesley, chief technology officer, RPMGlobal, said.

“Importantly, this API will support business process improvements for cost-focused miners where a small productivity improvement can translate to considerable bottom line improvements,” he said. “In this instance, we are using enhanced collaboration to connect our XECUTE solution with Modular’s ProVision High-Precision Machine Guidance system.”

XECUTE is RPMGlobal’s short-term scheduling solution that connects planning with other departments within a mining operation.

The partnership dates back to April 2016.