Komatsu, one of the world’s largest suppliers of mobile mining equipment, wanted to replace the electrical sealing system used on its hydraulic excavators. The existing system was difficult to install and did not ensure a proper seal against on-the-job dust incursion and condensation following steam cleaning.

Roxtec, an Oklahoma, USA-based company specializing in sealing solutions for cable and pipe penetrations, reported that Komatsu subsequently turned to its product line for help in handling high- and low-tension main electric cables and low-pressure hydraulic installations onboard its shovels. Roxtec was able to solve Komatsu’s dust and condensation problems by supplying cable and hose sealing systems with IP 66/67 ratings.

Roxtec said its solution for Komatsu also provided the flexibility to easily handle different cable and hose dimensions; its proprietary Multidiameter technology permits a single module to seal cables or pipes of several different diameters simply by peeling layers from the module halves. This, ensures a perfect fit, according to the company.

Another benefit for Komatsu, said Roxtec, is that its sealing solutions are simpler and reduce the time needed for installation when compared with a hand-fitting system.