Footage from an Exyn Technologies A3R drone that is mapping a previously inactive mine. (Photo: Exyn Technologies)

Exyn Technologies announced it is one of the startups selected to participate in Innovation Studio, a 12-month program managed by partners Vimson Group and New Lab to develop and pilot new technologies.

Exyn develops autonomous aerial robot systems for complex, GPS-denied environments, to include underground. Applications include development of 3D maps of drifts and stopes, asset location monitoring and mine rescue.

Exyn said the Studio is an opportunity to work with other startups to advance solutions that speak to the foremost issues in mining, like safety, efficiency and data optimization. “We are privileged to be one of the startups invited to join this innovative program,” Exyn CEO Nader Elm said.

The focus of the Studio is on enhancing sustainability and closed-loop production, environmental sensing, worker performance and safety, mineral extraction and energy efficiency, and data optimization.

During the program, teams will be matched with resources, giving them the opportunity to fast track development. The teams will also have access to New Lab expertise.