South Africa’s Ramjack Technology Solutions announced its acquisition of Swedish underground robotics innovator, Inkonova AB.

Founded in 2014, Inkonova created the Batonoumous underground drone platform, which can fly autonomously and beyond line-of-site from its pilot. The platform features real-time connectivity to help mines gather timely spatial information about inaccessible areas underground.

The acquisition is the latest in an aggressive buildout of Ramjack’s portfolio to help it meet the pressing needs of customers, the supplier said. “As underground mines look to improve their production and safety performance, the ability to map inaccessible areas efficiently and safely is a critical success factor,” CEO Mike Jackson said.

Inkonova said the development is advantageous in many ways. “Creating Inkonova has been a rewarding experience and I’m excited to be handing over the reins to the passionate mining technology experts at Ramjack to bring it to the next level,” said Pau Mallol, founder.