Quaker Chemical Corp. merged with Houghton International to create Quaker Houghton. The new company features a new logo, brand and New York Stock Exchange ticker, KWR.

The company, with $1.6 billion in revenue, employs 4,000 people serving 15,000 customers worldwide. Quaker was founded in 1918 and Houghton in 1865.

The merger combines the strengths of two world-class companies, leadership said. “We are rooted in companies commonly acknowledged as authorities in industrial fluids and valued experts in customer processes,” Michael F. Barry, CEO, Quaker Houghton, said.

Separately, Total Lubrifiants announced the acquisition from Houghton International of its aluminum hot rolling oil, steel-cold rolling oil, and tinplate rolling oil activities in North America and European markets. The transaction includes the associated technical support services in both regions.

The move is expected to increase Total’s market share, leadership said. “Geographically, we are strengthening our strong presence in Europe and expanding our activities and market penetration in North America, especially the USA,” said Philippe Charleux, senior vice president, marketing, Total.