The NanoSteel Co., a supplier of coating technologies, recently highlighted an installation in which inside diameter (I.D.)-clad wear pipe in a uranium mine has been projected to last more than 17 years by mine engineers, saving the customer an estimated $1 million or more in replacement costs.

According to NanoSteel, a uranium mine in northern Saskatchewan has been experiencing severe wear in a critical piping system which delivers concrete to underground mining operations. The current system utilizes API L80 steel pipe which requires replacement every 16 months because of continuous slurry abrasion.

Seeking an alternative that would significantly boost wear resistance and endure throughout the remaining life of the project, the Saskatchewan mine installed a delivery system with NanoSteel’s SHS 9800 alloy welded to the I.D. of the steel pipe. Mine engineers have projected the I.D. clad wear pipe to last 17.5 years, an increase in wear life by a factor of more than 13.

“When you consider increases in output and revenue due to reduced downtime, along with the elimination of manpower and installation costs for at least 12 replacement pipelines, savings can be well over $1 million,” said Dave Paratore, president and CEO.

NanoSteel wear pipe I.D. cladding is applied in a process developed by Trimay Wear Plate Ltd. using technology under license from NanoSteel.