PHIL announces production of its Rear Eject Body in Brazil. (Photo: Philippi-Hagenbuch)

Philippi-Hagenbuch (PHIL) reported production of its Rear Eject Body will begin in Brazil in Q2 2020. The expansion of services in South America is expected to better serve the markets in the region.

PHIL’s line of Rear Eject Bodies are designed for underground hauling situations where overhead barriers inhibit traditional dump bodies. They eliminate the need to raise the body of the truck when discharging materials.

PHIL said demand in the region drove the development. “By adding production for our world-class Rear Eject Body in Brazil, we are able to offer the product closer to where our clients need it,” said Josh Swank, vice president, sales, PHIL. “This helps reduce import tariffs and freight, while providing localized parts availability.”