Arvizio partnered with Sight Power to deliver augmented reality (AR) digital twins to the mining industry. The partnership will enable Sight Power’s Digital Mine platform to seamlessly share mining data, 3D models and LiDAR scans with Arvisio’s Immerse 3D AR solution.

The resulting digital twins will help customers reduce costs, improve efficiencies, increase productivity and enhance safety, Sight Power said.

“Our work with leading mining companies using Digital Mine, demonstrated that combining operational technology, monitoring systems, devices and spatial datasets into a single workflow system, streamlines mining operations at every phase,” CEO Sergey Reznichenko said. “We are delighted to team with Arvizio to integrate Immerse 3D AR visualization into our workflows and use augmented reality to empower stakeholders around the world for a more efficient exchange of information, problem solving, verification of key operations and safety systems in their mining projects.”