Partners NevadaNano and Blackline will build tiny gas sensors into wearables. (Photo: NevadaNano)

NOVONIX and the Professor Mark Obrovac Research Group at Dalhousie University announced it can manufacture single-crystal NMC cathode material using its patented Dry Particle Microgranulation technique.

Single crystal cathode materials are reportedly able to outperform traditional polycrystalline cathode particles and therefore are in demand by the lithium-ion battery industry, NOVONIX reported.

NOVONIX said the single-crystal NMC cathode material could aid in the development of lower-cost, higher-perform-
ance battery materials. “The single-crystal cathode development complements NOVONIX’s PUREgraphite anode pro-
duct, both addressing the ultra-long-life battery performance requirements critical to the achieving the million-mile battery life being sought by leading EV automakers,” Phil St. Baker, managing director, NOVONIX said.