Two HD605-8 trucks with Metso bodies, described as up to 30% lighter than the OEM bodies they replaced, were delivered to a quarry in Belgium. (Photo: Metso)

Outotec Oyj and Mesto Corp. received unconditional merger control clearance from the European Commission.

Previously, the merger was cleared by competition authorities in Canada, Chile and Turkey.

Outotec and Metso reported the merger will be complete on June 30.

Separately, Metso announced the commencement of full-scale tests of the Metso VPX tailings dewatering filter at its facilities in Sorocaba, Brazil.

The unit will process ore from several operations in Brazil and Latin America. The testing seeks to prove the unit’s capacity at processing high volumes, Metso reported.

“Tailings dewatering is technically and economically a viable option for today and the future,” Rodrigo Gouveia, vice president, tailings management systems, Metso, said.

“Dry stacking is widely acknowledged to be the safest and most sustainable option for tailings storage,” he said. “We see that there is a strong demand for short- and medium-term technical solutions.”

The unit could be deployed for applications at legacy dams. “We can develop projects for the dredging and concentration of the tailings,” Fausto Rezende, sales director, tailings management systems, Metso, said. “In many cases, it is possible that this operation is more economically viable than virgin ore.”

In mid-May, Metso announced a mega-size press is being installed by a dedicated team at its Trelleborg factory in Sweden. The press will offer increased production capacity and expand the range, sizes and types of products manufactured. The press, the first in a series of three with a total value of $10.8 million, can produce mill lining wear parts that weigh up to 8 tons. The installation team is being supported remotely. Metso said the press will give the factory greater flexibility to meet customer needs. “For our customers, the ability to acquire and use larger, high-quality consumables in the process enables a longer operating time and reduces the time required for maintenance work,” Sami Takaluoma, president, consumables business, Metso, said.

In late-May, Metso reported two HD605-8 haul trucks with Metso Truck Bodies were delivered to a quarry in Brabant Wallon, Belgium. The bodies are lighter, round-shaped, and feature Trellex rubber linings. They offer up to a 30% lighter body without sacrificing rigidity. That translates to up to 10% additional payload capacity and greater efficiency, Metso reported. The units are the first Metso truck bodies delivered to an operation in Central Europe.