Modular Mining Systems announced recently that top iron ore producer Vale selected Modular technologies for its Pico open-pit mine site in Brazil. This agreement marks the signing of Modular’s 250th customer mine, as well as more than 20 years of partnership with Vale.

Modular’s partnership with Vale began in 1993, when the Carajás mine, Vale’s largest operation, became Modular’s first customer in Brazil. Since the initial installation, Modular has continued to deliver mine management solutions to a growing Brazilian market.

In a meeting held early in March at the Pico mine, Davi Freire, general manager, Modular Brazil, and Michael Lewis, vice-president-product innovation for Modular, presented Vale’s Alano Reis Teixeira, mine operations manager, with a plaque commemorating the milestones. “Pico Mine has plans to optimize our operations and we expect that Modular’s mine management systems will help us achieve our goals quickly,” said Teixeira.

Over the years, Vale has implemented Modular’s technologies at 14 of its mine sites, worldwide. Upon commissioning, Modular’s DISPATCH fleet management system will be used to optimize haulage operations on Pico’s fleet of trucks, shovels, drills, loaders, dozers and auxiliary equipment units. Additionally, Modular’s MasterLink Enterprise solution will provide the operation’s wireless network infrastructure.