Magnetic Mill Liners are lightweight and can be installed by hand. (Photo: Eriez)

Eriez reported that a set of Magnetic Mill Liners (MMLs) are significantly improving safety standards, energy efficiency, and operational longevity at the Nexa Resources N.A. installation in the Central Andes of Peru. “Nexa credits the MMLs installation with contributing to the company’s achievement of a major Peruvian safety award,” Eriez said.

MML is a wear-resistant steel-encased magnet that combines the best qualities of steel and magnetic liners. Each MML is composed of individual sections that are much lighter than traditional liners and that can be installed by hand.

The liners outperform competitor solutions, Eriez said. MMLs effectively eliminate the presence of small ball chips, resulting in energy savings of up to 11% during the grinding process. Results from installations at iron ore, copper, nickel, and gold mines worldwide “provide evidence that MMLs outlast rubber or metallic liners by two to three times.”