The Timken Co. announced in mid-March its acquisition of Interlube Systems Ltd., which makes and markets automated lubrication delivery systems and related components to end market sectors including mining and construction.

With 2012 sales of approximately $13 million and 90 employees, Interlube is based in Plymouth, U.K., has an operation in Dayton, Ohio, and a joint venture in Zhuhai, China. The purchase also includes MSP Distributors Ltd., based in Cheltenham, U.K., and acquired by Interlube in 2007, which designs, installs and repairs lubrication systems.

Timken said, as part of its growth strategy, it has been steadily adding to its product portfolio and sees Interlube as highly compatible to its core bearing product lines and recent power transmission acquisitions. Over the past two years, Timken has added a number of new products and services, including roller drive chain, gearbox repair and motor rewind services.

Interlube focuses on critical applications where an automated lubrication system can help extend up-time and reduce maintenance costs for end users, a key strength of Timken as well. Interlube also brings Timken access to new channels that serve key end user markets.

Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft of Memmingen, Germany, a supplier of equipment for heavy-duty transport and airport applications, acquired Schopf Group, which is headquartered near Stuttgart and includes Schopf Maschinenbau GmbH and Schopf ROFAN GmbH. Schopf offers a range of underground loaders that are deployed in a wide variety of mining operations ranging from iron ore, salt and coal to precious and industrial metals.

In addition to its line of mining equipment, Schopf, founded in 1948, develops, produces and sells specialized vehicles for civil aviation and military uses that include a range of aircraft tractors with an operating weight of between 5,000 and 70,000 kg, container and pallet loaders and aircraft passenger stairs. It also offers a range of baggage, cargo and industrial tractors powered by diesel, CNG/LPG, standard hybrid or PowerHybrid drives.

Goldhofer is a leading supplier of equipment for general and heavy-duty road transport applications involving payloads of 25 to 10,000 metric tons, in addition to offering special transport vehicles and tow-barless aircraft tractors.

The U.S. subsidiary of Golder Associates acquired the assets of geo-environmental contracting company InterGEO Services. According to a press statement issued by Golder Associates, the transaction enhances its design/build offerings in the geo-environmental industry in areas that align with Golder’s core practice including linings and geosynthetic materials, ground improvement, mechanically stabilized earth, and sediment remediation.

A 12-year-old firm based in Pennsylvania, USA, InterGEO offers design/build, general contractor, specialty contractor or construction manager services and is involved in the same primary industries as Golder including mining, oil and gas, and others. Golder has worked closely with InterGEO in larger remediation projects at Superfund sites as well as within the Marcellus Shale, designing and installing surface water impoundments.

Pyott-Boone Electronics bought Mine Radio Systems, a well-known supplier of communication solutions for the mining and tunneling industries. MRS operates 12 offices on six continents, and is headquartered in Goodwood, Ontario, Canada. MRS’ product lines include the FLEXCOM, MultiCOM, INsite, Helian, Solarian, Centrian and FloSonic brands. Its latest innovations include the Helian Underground Safety Solution.

Established in 1971, PBE was acquired by private equity firm Prairie Capital V and private investment group Vierville Capital in 2011. In 2012, PBE acquired mine communications supplier Minecom. With the acquisition of Minecom, PBE established a new entity in Australia (PBE Australia Pty. Ltd.) as part of its expansion plan within the Asia Pacific region.