Locus Fermentation Solutions launched Locus Mining Solutions, a new mining operating division that offers carbon-neutral biosurfactant additives that reportedly boost mineral extraction from low-grade ores. The division is addressing a critical need for sustainable mining techniques that can boost mineral and metal extraction in a more environmentally friendly way, Locus FS reported.

Initial trials of the additives show an up-to-138% higher extraction of copper, Locus FS said. “Our zero-carbon biosurfactants have an unmatched ability to reach and extract more natural resources,” Co-founder Andrew Lefkowitz said.

Locus Mining Solutions’ biosurfactant additives are easily incorporated into traditional extraction processes, and require less power, less water and lower transportation costs, Locus FS said. The additives generate 40% less carbon dioxide, 70% less sulfur oxides and 70% less nitrogen-oxide-associated emissions.