Underground mining truck passing under a Loadscan LVS system in New Zealand.

Loadscan CEO Carey West believes that 2020 marked a turning point in the market, where load volume scanning technology achieved mainstream acceptance as an accurate load measurement system.

So much so that Loadscan closed 2020 with a record order book. They noted a marked increase in global inquiries across all target industries, with mining and civil construction leading the way. A commonly stated requirement was to cost-effectively increase productivity and maximize operating profits. With the tightening economic conditions, mines have been forced to re-evaluate every aspect of their business, ensuring that production assets are optimized.

Results of numerous load audits conducted by Loadscan, as well as feedback from current customers, suggest that trucks are often underloaded by between 5% to 15%. Loadscan’s original patented Load Volume Scanner (LVS) helps mines to optimize loading by maximizing every load, thereby increasing trucking factors and improving profits.