Liebherr deployed T 264 trucks to a mine in Western Australia for onsite validation of its Autonomous Haulage System. (Photo: Liebherr)

Liebherr Mining announced it deployed a fleet of four 240-metric ton (mt), T 264 haul trucks to a mine in Western Australia to support onsite validation of its Autonomous Haulage Solution (AHS). The company said it recently completed internal validation at its Mining Technology Development Center in the U.S., and the onsite validation marks a new stage in its strategy to accelerate development of a new autonomy product for the mining industry.

“After significant research, development, and program planning, Liebherr is excited to announce the commencement of onsite AHS validation as we move to deploy the next generation of autonomy technology for mining equipment,” said Scott Bellamy, divisional general manager, product management. “This deployment not only represents Liebherr Mining’s market introduction of the AHS, but also highlights Liebherr’s continued expansion as a technology solution provider for the mining industry.”

Liebherr said its flexible solutions provide mines with scalable options, from autonomy-ready haul trucks through to the fully integrated Liebherr AHS with an integrated fleet management system. The company said it supports open architecture solutions that allow mines to choose which machines, automated systems, traffic management systems, and fleet management systems will work best for their purposes.

“Along with the first deployment of the autonomy solution, Liebherr has expanded its autonomy project team to include onsite support for the duration of the AHS validation program,” Bellamy said. “However, our focus is to ensure the organization can support in the future not only this exciting project, but also future AHS deployments across multiple customers and regions.”