Mining equipment and services supplier Joy Global said it has selected IBM Big Data and Analytics technology, including IBM’s advanced predictive analytics software and optimization solutions, to enhance the ability of Joy Global Smart Services to improve mining machine performance, while reducing downtime and costs.

Joy Global said its Smart Services deliver mining customers real-time analytics that predict machine failures and recommend preventative actions for individual Smart Services customers. The cloud-based, mobile-enabled, IBM solution will allow Joy Global to take Smart Services from the individual customer level to the worldwide fleet level—giving Joy Global the ability to analyze big data from all Smart Services-connected Joy Global mining machines.

Joy Global and IBM expect that the ability to analyze and compare operating data from Joy Global’s worldwide fleet of installed machines will enable Joy Global to more quickly identify anomalies in machine performance, leading to continuous improvement of its mining machine products. Joy Global customers will benefit from improved machine availability, utilization and productivity, as well as lower operating costs.

“Joy Global is always looking to become a more efficient and effective partner for our valued customers around the world,” said Joy Global Underground Mining’s vice president, product management, Ben Snyman. “Applying IBM’s Big Data products and expertise will result in a very significant and highly differentiated business advantage, not only for Joy Global, but also for Joy Global customers.”

Joy Global said the inclusion of the IBM solution will increase productivity and lower operating costs for its Smart Services customers, which include underground surface companies that mine coal, copper, iron ore, oil sands, gold and other mineral resources.