Immersive Technologies is launching a dedicated Learning Systems business unit that will provide customized learning technologies and solutions aimed at improving safety, profitability and efficiency for its customers. The solutions, according to the company, blend virtual reality, visualization, e-learning and desktop simulation.

“We’ve developed a range of advanced learning systems that have emerged from our core simulation business over the last three or four years,” said David Anderson, executive vice president of sales and support at Immersive Technologies. “These technologies have often been used independently of our simulators and have driven measurable improvements for our customers. As we developed more and more of these learning solutions for our 300-plus global customers, it became clear that these capabilities should stand on their own two feet. We, therefore, launched this business unit to better promote these solutions to the resources industry and solve a broader range of customer problems.”

The new business unit will focus on the development and delivery of:

  • Pre-start Inspection—using the latest touchscreen-based technologies, trainees can inspect machine or plant components and instrumentation in realistic detail and can be assessed on understanding and accuracy.
  • WorksiteVR (Virtual Reality Training)—immerses learners’ senses, providing them with nearly first-hand experiences without the associated risks and costs to employers, such as when assessing individuals for role suitability.
  • Virtual Classroom—trains individuals or teams to follow complex procedures using desktop simulation, check for understanding, assess performance against multiple variables, such as procedures and interactions with automated or autonomous equipment.
  • E-Learning—interactive, self-directed and customized e-learning solutions, which are blended with other learning mediums to drive results and confirm employee comprehension.
  • Instructor-led Training—highly customized classroom-based training and curricula.
    SPOT—replicates process control operator interfaces and systems, allowing personnel to interact with a plant environment without compromising safety or affecting productivity.
  • Worksite Walk-around—a realistic 360° high-definition, customized environment providing site familiarization, emergency and evacuation training, progressing into detailed mine operations training.

Immersive Technologies said it applies its overall philosophy to this new business unit; i.e., solutions must be designed from the ground up to achieve quantifiable returns on customer investment. This approach, said the company, has enabled it to achieve a track record of facilitating breakthrough performance improvements for major resource companies.