Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Bis announced the joint venture Auto-mate, which will provide autonomous systems for mining operations.

With open architecture, Auto-mate can connect any asset to the fleet management system, regardless of type, brand, age or level of automation. The system offers scalable automation solutions specific to mine site requirements.

IAI described the system as the perfect union of cutting-edge technology and practical applications. “Auto-mate will deliver a flexible approach to automation, delivering usability for multiple levels of automation across all haulage assets and ancillary equipment, with one central command center,” IAI CEO Yoav Turgeman said.

Bis said the offering will be brought to market in Australian and elsewhere. “The flexible and scalable solution is designed to be the ultimate partner in mine site automation, with the ability to grow with the user’s operation,” Bis CEO Brad Rogers said.

Bis provides logistics, materials handling, and specialized equipment solutions to the mining sector. IAI has previously developed automation technology for heavy off-road vehicles in extreme environments.