Sheffield, England-based DavyMarkham said it has been awarded a contract worth £7.5 million ($11,750,000) to supply three special-purpose hoists to a new copper and zinc mine in Canada. The respective hoist systems are for production, service and auxiliary duties at the Lalor Lake mine, and will range in diameter from a 16-ft-diameter production hoist to a 14-ft-diameter service hoist and 8-ft-diameter auxiliary hoist.

The two smaller hoists are scheduled for delivery to the mine—located near Snow Lake, Manitoba, and owned by HudBay Minerals—by the end of 2010. The larger hoist will be delivered early in 2011.

In addition to the Lalor Lake project, DavyMarkham said it is currently working on other mining projects in Canada including the Westwood and Éléonore mines in Quebec. DavyMarkham was acquired by IVRCL subsidiary Hindustan Dorr Oliver (HDO) earlier this year. Its plant is one of the world’s leading suppliers of mine hoists and associated equipment. Since 1869, it has supplied more than 300 hoists of all types and sizes to customers around the world.

In addition, ABB Process Automation announced in early July it had received an order for delivery of another complete mine hoist system for LKAB’s iron ore mine at Malmberget in northern Sweden.

This is the second mine hoist system ordered from ABB for the new main haulage level at Malmberget and, according to the company, will be identical to the first one ordered in November 2007. ABB’s scope of supply includes both mechanical and electrical equipment including pulley and shaft, brake system, skips, measuring pockets, System 800xA control system, motors, ACS 6000 SD drive system and installation/commissioning.

The second mine hoist, along with the first one, will be used to transport ore from the new M1250 main haulage level currently under construction. The Malmberget mine produces 16 million mt/y of crude iron ore.

The first mine hoist at Malmberget is in the process of installation and commissioning and is planned to be in operation late in 2010 or early 2011. The second mine hoist is scheduled to be put into production during 2013.

Earlier this year, in April, ABB also received an order to supply a new complete mine hoist, including mechanical and electrical parts, to LKAB’s Kiruna mine.