From a training center in Iowa, Hitachi will run online training sessions. (Photo: Hitachi)

Hitachi reported it is offering Virtual Instructor-Led Training available to customers anywhere and via a laptop with internet.

From a training center in Davenport, Iowa, Hitachi mining product experts will run the online classes.

Hitachi said an expansion of global markets presented the need to reach more people and provide learning opportunities. “Our goal was to create an interactive training experience for customer and dealer technicians that meets and, in some cases, may exceed our current instructor-led training.” Kendall Mattson, instructional team lead, Hitachi, said.

The classes use live-streaming video, interactive activities, poll questions and testing. Reduced training costs is a big benefit, Patrick Hathaway, instructor,
Hitachi, said.

“We’re able to conduct training at a lower cost for the dealers and customers,” he said. “There’s a lower cost for the course and no one has to travel to a training even.”