GeoMoby technology is based on Bluetooth and a proprietary mesh network. Above, a mesh node. (Image: GeoMoby)

GeoMoby announced it partnered with Cisco Systems on telemetry for underground mines. The former’s technology has been trialed and proven by the latter, GeoMoby said.

GeoMoby provides an all-in-one, visibility platform allowing real-time monitoring of assets and people. Those assets can now include those supplied or supported by Cisco Systems.

A blog by Cisco Systems said the complementary solutions from both suppliers can help customers obtain three main benefits. Mines can reduce or eliminate gaps in network connectivity and communication. A comprehensive 3D map can give real-time asset-location information. And traffic management, ventilation automation, sensors, and data collection can all be assimilated into one system.

The complementary technology of both companies will improve safety and operations in underground mining as the mines of the future become smarter, GeoMoby said. “Cisco, which is the premium technology provider for mines in the world, has recognized the innovative technology approach of GeoMoby can be of real and immediate benefit in underground mining safety,” said CEO Chris Baudia. “GeoMoby’s technology, which is complementary to Cisco’s, is assisting Cisco fulfill their clients’ objectives.”