Two leading fuel management companies, Australia-based Banlaw and the Swedish company Identic AB, have signed an agreement to distribute each other’s products in their respective markets. Banlaw CEO Bill Clifton said the agreement is expected to strengthen each company’s market presence.

Identic Managing Director Robert Källberg said the arrangement will allow both companies and their distributors to better serve current and potential customers and broaden their markets. “Banlaw predominantly provides fuel management solutions to the off-road mining, rail and ports industries while Identic focuses on the bus, truck and road transport industries with fuel and depot management solutions,” said Källberg.

“Co-operation between Banlaw and Identic strengthens the companies’ resources to meet the increasing demand for professional and efficient fuel and depot management across all continents and all major markets,” said Clifton. “Both companies are very strong in fuel management, particularly spill-free refueling, which is becoming an increasingly important issue for financial, safety and environmental reasons.”

Banlaw designs and manufactures a range of fluid transfer and hydrocarbon management systems and products.