FLSmidth received an order for BulkExpert from a customer in Brazil. The solution will fully automate the stockyard operation of two large iron ore shipping export terminals in the south of the country.

The customer has a five-year relationship with the supplier, and satisfaction with that relationship prompted the order, FLSmidth said.

“The order is a clear vote of confidence for FLSmidth’s work during the feasibility stage and for our focus on high-performing, productivity-providing digital solutions,” FLSmidth CDO Mikko Tepponen said.

BulkExpert is a digital solution that allows for the unmanned, fully automated and optimized movement of both material and material handling equipment in ports and terminals. It uses a 3D laser scanning system, RTK-GPS technologies and state-of-the-art control software, FLSmidth reported.

Separately, FLSmidth reported it acquired KnowledgeScape, which will be included in the ENABLR portfolio and will deliver increased automation and output for customers. The digital optimization solution line can increase total output at a processing plant by up to 10% while reducing power, water and reagent consumption, FLSmidth reported.

FLSmidth reported the acquisition will further solidify its position as a leading supplier of digital optimization.