FAMUR S.A. and the Polish Development Fund signed an agreement to collaborate on a special-purpose financial vehicle designed to bankroll the production of equipment developed by the former for use in Poland. A supervisory board comprised of representatives from the two entities will steer fund usage. The Polish Minister of Development and Finance Mateusz Morawiecki said the agreement aligns with the nation’s goals for reindustrialization. “We should not waste any more development opportunities, that is why we create very specific solutions, impulses that will help to make best use of these opportunities,” he said. “Modern technologies, such as robotics and automation, can make today’s heavy industry to be lighter; to improve its efficiency, to increase the number of possible applications or to make it more flexible during the process of market expansion.” FAMUR S.A.’s chief executive said the agreement stems from a long-running commitment by the company to help modernize mining in Poland. “Our intention is to increase efficiency and safety, as well as to support R&D activities and innovation implementations in the industry,” he said.
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