Epiroc sold Boomer M2 face drilling rigs, similar to the above, to Société des Mines de Komana for Komana underground in southern Mali. (Image: Epiroc)

Hummingbird Resources subsidiary Société des Mines de Komana adopted Epiroc drill rigs and loaders with advanced automation features, as well as drill rig consumables, for Komana underground mine in southern Mali. Epiroc will supply Boomer M2 face drilling rigs, Simba M6 production drilling rigs, and Scooptram ST18 loaders.

The loaders will have Scooptram Automation, which lets an operator control the vehicles tele-remotely from a distance. Additional automation features include Epiroc’s telematics system Certiq, which allows for intelligent monitoring of machine performance and productivity in real-time, and Epiroc’s Rig Control System, RCS, which makes them ready for automation and remote control.

The first automated Scooptram ST18 and Boomer M2 have already arrived on site.

The report coincides with two announcements about acquisitions by Epiroc.

After being acquired by Epiroc in February, CR changed its name to CR Powered by Epiroc.

The company previously marketed two brands. Lips and GET sold as CR Mining solutions. The digital solutions brand was CR Digital. From April 2023, both business units will be united under the CR Powered by Epiroc umbrella.

The development marks the next step in the company’s growth, leadership at the supplier said. “We look forward to Epiroc’s support as we build upon our market-leading products and solutions, all aimed at enhancing safety, productivity, and maintainability outcomes, while reducing emissions through CR’s product performance efficiencies,” said CEO John Barbagallo.

Separately, Epiroc completed the acquisition of AARD Mining Equipment, a mining equipment manufacturer based near Johannesburg, South Africa. The supplier specializes in low-profile underground machines, including drill rigs, bolters, loaders, and scalers.

The acquisition was announced in August 2022.