Weir Minerals North America announced that the Durex wire screen media product line is celebrating 50 years of production in 2015.

Durex Products Inc. was founded in 1965 by R.D. Scarlett, a former Fortune 500 company executive and civil engineer. The company initially offered woven wire screens out of its facility in Luck, Wisconsin, USA. In the early 1970s, Durex Products expanded farther into the midwest, north atlantic and southeastern United States. During the mid-1970s, as new technology was developed in the manufacture of longer lasting screens, Durex Products saw the potential of synthetic screen media to increase wear life and reduce maintenance costs for its customers. The company expanded its production line to include polyurethane screen media.

Over the following decade, it became apparent to the engineers and application experts at Durex Products that not all screening challenges could be solved with wire cloth or polyurethane screen surfaces. In 1986, the company added a rubber screen manufacturing line.

Durex Products offers a full line of woven wire, vulcanized rubber and molded polyurethane screening media.Durex Products offers a full line of woven wire, vulcanized rubber and molded polyurethane screening media.

By the early 1990s, with its full line of woven wire, vulcanized rubber and molded polyurethane screens, Durex Products was positioned to provide cost-effective, solutions for its customers in North America. Rubber and molded polyurethane screens and wear products subsequently became marketed under the Linatex brand of products, which is transitioning to a new state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.


The Durex wire screen media product lineup currently includes:

Standard woven wire: Made from tempered, stainless or high carbon steel, the durability and strength of Durex woven wire permits use of lighter gauge wire, offering more openings per square foot of screening area, according to the company. Longer life means less downtime and lower operating costs per ton of material.

Livewire screen media: Designed to boost production by reducing blinding, plugging and pegging problems while also delivering superior wear life, Livewire screen media is available in diamond-shaped, alternating Z and straight wire, herringbone and straight wire slot openings for maximum output in a variety of dry or damp applications. Its 60-durometer rubber strips provide superior flexing action.

Accuslot wire screen: Described as being especially effective in processing crushed stone, sand and gravel and materials with high moisture content. Accuslot screens deliver the production capability of a slotted screen, with sizing accuracy approaching that of a square opening, minimizing the passing of slivers and chips and greatly reducing plugging and blinding.

Vibraspan screen media: Offering the highest throughput of any wire screen from Weir Minerals, Vibraspan screen media is an end-tensioned, inter-crimp or straight wire specialty long-slot wire that is manufactured to precisely match each machine’s support bars for maximum screen life and open area.

Armor screen: A combination of premium wire cloth with molded polyurethane coating. Armor screens are designed to provide a higher open area than conventional polyurethane screens and longer wear life than conventional wire cloth screens that are used in medium load applications with highly abrasive material. Armor screens are also designed to provide high throughput, reduced plugging and reduced noise.