Modular Mining Systems’ DISPATCH 6 Fleet Management system (FMS) has been chosen to replace the current Leica/Jigsaw system at Asarco’s Mission mine in the southwest U.S.

The Mission mine is part of the Mission Complex, which also contains the Eisenhower, Pima, Mineral Hill, and South San Xavier properties, and North San Xavier mine, in Sahuarita, Arizona.

In operation since 1961 and with a reserve life extending to 2033, the Mission open-pit copper mine reported copper concentrate production of 133.9 million lb for 2014.

In conjunction with the DISPATCH 6 FMS, Mission will implement Modular’s ProVision 3 Machine Guidance solution for drills, shovels and loaders. To augment the capabilities of the FMS, the mine has also selected the Prestart, Blending, Lineup Management, Fuel Service, Crusher, Water Truck, and Speed Management, add-on modules. The technologies will be utilized on nearly 40 trucks, drills, shovels, loaders and auxiliary units.

The mine, located in close proximity to Modular’s headquarters and the proving grounds operated by Modular’s parent company, Komatsu, will also become
an instrumental development site for Modular.

“Modular has a long-standing relationship with Asarco and Grupo Mexico, and we are excited about expanding the relationship to the Mission mine,” said Greg Lanz, general manager, North America, at Modular.

The simultaneous commissioning of the DISPATCH FMS and ProVision 3 solution is slated to begin in mid-2016.