Codelco deploys Sandvik’s AutoMine Fleet at Pacifico Superior and Pilar Norte GTI at El Teniente. (Photo: Codelco)

Codelco ordered Sandvik’s AutoMine Fleet system for a new fleet of loaders at Pacifico Superior and Pilar Norte GTI at El Teniente mine.

The system will enable the miner to operate its new fleet of Sandvik LH517i and LH621i loaders autonomously. The project launched in December 2020 and is expected to be completed by mid-2021.

The companies have a rich history of working together. In 2004, El Teniente adopted the first-ever AutoMine Loading system. Currently, AutoMine is operating at Diablo Regimiento and Panel 2 at the mine.

The mine said the partnership and solutions align with its operating philosophy. “Above all, Sandvik’s enhanced local presence and expertise will ensure successful implementation of these projects and strong support,” said Juan Mariscal, senior business manager, Codelco.