CAE announced that Constellation Software, a Canada-based provider of software and services, has acquired CAE’s Datamine mining business.

“As reported last year, we decided to sell our mining business in order to concentrate our capital investment and management resources on our three core markets: civil aviation, defense and security, and health care. We are pleased that Constellation Software will be leading Datamine through the next phase of its development. I would like to thank Datamine employees for their contribution to CAE,” said Marc Parent, president and CEO of CAE.

“We are excited to acquire CAE’s mining software business, which represents our first investment in the mining sector,” said John Billowits, CEO of Vela Software.

Datamine, explained CAE, offers solutions ranging from exploration data management and orebody modeling, to mine planning and associated consulting services to more than 1,400 companies worldwide.

CAE had been reporting CAE Mining income and expenses as discontinued operations in its consolidated financial statements for the past year. Datamine will operate within Constellation Software’s Vela Software Division.