World Mining Equipment

CAE Mining and Simsmart have signed
a global distribution agreement for Simsmart’s SmartExec ventilation-on-demand (VOD) technology. SmartExec is described by its developer as a proven automation technology consisting of remotely operated ventilation controls, sensors, air monitoring stations, and
simulation and management software. Ventilation system power savings of 30% have been achieved by mines adopting the technology, according to the company. 

“With increasing focus on productivity and efficiency, the SmartExec technology is the right automation solution at the right time for many of our customers,” said Damian McKay, president, CAE Mining. “SmartExec can be connected through existing underground mine communications systems and can be rapidly implemented as a stand-alone automation solution without complex tentacles into ERP or production management systems. For underground mines producing more than 1 million metric tons (mt) per year, this technology helps reduce costs, improve productivity and provide better working conditions.”

Simsmart Technologies has, over the past 25 years, developed software solutions and provided engineering services to cover process systems design, training, control and optimization. The related technology has been used extensively by navies worldwide to provide planning, modeling and control technology for applications where liquids, gas, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), associated AC/DC electrical systems and related process controls are involved. In 2007, Simsmart extended its ventilation control and optimization technology to the underground mining industry. 

CAE Mining offers solutions ranging from exploration data management and orebody modeling, to mine planning and operations management to more than 1,400 companies worldwide.