Screenshot of Modular’s Dispatch fleet management system.

Modular Mining Systems announced in early November that a leading multinational iron ore producer has chosen to implement Modular’s technologies at two of its mines near Belo Horizonte, Brazil, replacing their existing fleet management systems.

Modular’s Dispatch fleet management system (FMS) will be used to optimize haulage operations on more than 100 trucks, 16 shovels, and numerous drills, loaders, dozers and auxiliary units across the two sites, according to Modular.

The mines have also chosen to implement multiple Dispatch system add-on modules, including Speed Management, which helps improve operator safety, Fuel Service Management, and other modules focused on optimizing operations and reducing costs. Wireless communications will be provided by Modular’s MasterLink network. The systems are expected to be in operation in early 2015.

“Modular was selected based on extensive technical evaluations and feasibility studies which demonstrated not only the benefits from our Dispatch system, but also the benefits of IntelliMine, our suite of mine management solutions,” said Davi Freire, general manager, Modular Brazil.