Boart Longyear announced it will add new exploration drill rigs to its drilling services fleet in response to increased demand. In Chile, a new LF160 top-drive coring rig will go to a current customer project already deploying two LF160 rigs. The rig paired with the FL262 FREEDOM Loader provides hands-free rod handling. The operations team in the United States is adding two LF160 rigs, and a new LF350e rig. The LF350e deep-coring surface rig can reach up to a depth of 3,360 m of NQ V-Wall and can deliver 3,050 m of HQ core or 1800 m of PQ core using HRQ V-Wall and PHD V-Wall rods. In Africa, the company is purchasing two new Schramm T685WS rigs for multipurpose drilling applications, including exploration, and adding two LF230 surface coring drill rigs. A 40,000-lb hoist on the F230 allows for rig depth capacity beyond its class. The rigs will enable the company to meet the needs of customers and could create opportunities, the company reported.
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