Western Australian miners Roy Hill Holdings Pty Ltd. and Fortescue Metals Group will beta-test an automated system, called the Felixer, developed by Ecological Horizons, that poisons invasive feral cats and foxes. The miners and the supplier deployed three of the devices for a two-year research period. Initially, the microwave oven-sized Felixers, after being placed overlooking paths routinely used by cats and foxes, will be tested in photo-only mode. Next, the devices will operate in active mode and will spray targets with a dose of 1080 poison gel, a toxin naturally present in many of Australia’s pea plants and to which native animals have developed a tolerance. Once sprayed, the animal will ingest the poison when grooming and die. Threatened species of the Pilbara that are vulnerable to cats include the northern quoll, greater bilby, Pilbara olive python, Pilbara leaf-nosed bat and the night parrot.
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