ASI Mining entered an agreement with MS4M for compatibility between ASI Mining’s Mobius Platform and MS4M’s ControlSense fleet management system (FMS) software for autonomous vehicles.

The development will give existing MS4M users the ability to implement ASI Mining’s Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) using an open FMS/TMS interface. Future MS4M customers will also have assurance of a pathway to AHS by leveraging this same interface.

MS4M said the agreement is an opportunity to collaboratively support OEM-agnostic solutions that enable the deployment of mixed autonomous fleets within the same operation.

“Integration of our world-class mine management and optimization suite of products with ASI Mining’s traffic management and onboard autonomy will provide mines with a significant degree of flexibility and optionality as automation migration paths are developed and implemented,” Wilder Pando, CEO, MS4M, said. “Beyond supporting a staged approach in the presence of mixed fleets, this will mitigate the dependency on a single-solution provider.”