Allseas adopts Strohm’s spoolable jumper for use in mining at depths of up to 6,500 ft. (Photo: Strohm)

Allseas adopted a composite jumper by Strohm for use in recovering polymetallic nodules from seabeds at depths of 4,000 meters (m) to 6,500 m. Strohm will provide a spoolable thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) jumper to connect the seabed vehicle to the vertical transport system.

TCP is 80% lighter in weight compared to its metallic equivalents, reducing the need for buoyancy. It provides good collapse resistance while maintaining sufficient flexibility, Strohm reported.

The solution’s versatility and suitability compared to steel-reinforced alternatives made it appealing to Allseas, Strohm said. “TCP was first implemented by the oil and gas sector in 2007, and we have enjoyed zero failures to date making it an extremely reliable technology,” Strohm CEO Oliver Kassam said. “It is also completely recyclable.”