ABB announced it will work with the University of Western Australia’s new Industry 4.0 test lab, run by Enterprise Transformation Partners (ETP), to advance Industry 4.0 open process automation standards.

Separately, ABB is working with ETP on an integrated systems project at Gold Fields’ Granny Smith mine in Western Australia. The project will enhance ABB Ability to support the latest in reliable messaging and interoperability standards.

The project will connect and coordinate mine operators, workforce, equipment and all mining activities in real-time, from face preparation to crusher. It and the test lab are huge opportunities, ABB reported.

“This demonstrates the significant value that can be delivered to customers through interoperability and automation across both processes and systems,” Stuart Cowie, head of industrial automation process industries, ABB Australia, said. “It will give ABB valuable insights into digital transformation and Industry 4.0 concepts for mining.”