Doppelmayr reported Cementos Progreso, S. A. selected RopeCon to haul limestone and marl 1.6 km from a crusher, over the treetops of the hilly San Juan Sacatepéquez countryside, and to the San Gabriel cement plant in southeastern Guatemala. The limestone is mined in a quarry located roughly 200 meters (m) lower than the cement plant. By using RopeCon to transport the limestone, the load crosses the terrain in a straight line despite the topography. The system requires no more than four towers over its entire length, Doppelmayr reported. The material is loaded on to RopeCon by a feeder conveyor and unloaded at the unloading station via a housed-in chute. The system transports 2,100 tons of limestone and marl every hour to cover the demand for the cement production.
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