The latest low-profile feeder reclaim hopper under construction by Transmin. (Photo: Bonfiglioli)

Transmin reported a Bonfiglioli-driven reclaim hopper was delivered to an iron ore export stockyard to be fed by 50-ton-bucket-capacity front-end loaders and to put 2,500 tons per hour of ore onto a conveyor.

The low-profile, relocatable machine features custom-engineered Bonfiglioli combination Trasmital planetary and HDO helical bevel drives that achieve high-torque densities in a compact space. The machine weighed 90 tons and was mounted on a skid frame. It incorporated a standalone electrical control system and an over-band tramp metal magnet located above the feeding conveyor belt to achieve a lower space requirement.

Leadership at Transmin said the Bonfiglioli unit was selected due to cost, delivery time and reliability.